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Benefiting Historic Elitch Theatre
and supporting our local artists
Full Steam Ahead
Front and Center
Golden Storm Light
Union Steam
Sky's The Limit
Heavy Metal
Handle to the Past
Over and Under
Under Direction
Farm to Industry
Enlightened Crossing
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Photography by Collette Susman
 Rustic Knot Photography

I am Collette Susman, owner and sole photographer for Rustic Knot Photography. My business is my creation to share my passion of capturing life's moments in still frame with the world. This particular adventure was a first for me as a photographer. My usual subject choices are those inside of my comfort zone...Steam engines were never in that "Wheel House" pardon the pun. The day this shoot happened was purely surreal in how it came to be...I did not plan it, had never captured a moving locomotive in my career, did not know the first thing about the history of Big Boy 4014, I had an almost broken foot in a walking cast shoe, it was FREEZING cold in January and I drug my entire immediate family on the trip to Strausburg, Colorado from Denver! What an amazing way to jump in with both feet...well with one anyway and there was no jumping with the injury that day. I just looked at the details, the massive size and sounds of this Engine pulling into the little town filled with hundreds and hundreds of train enthusiasts as we watched, observed and felt the enormous presence of the arrival. Enjoy the stationary and motions of the departure of Big Boy 4014 heading out of the station and on it's journey to the winter garage in Wyoming.

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